HVAC Engineering

We offer services in designing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for stringent requirements of controlled environments which is necessary for different industries such as Pharmaceutical industries, Food and Food processing industries and various other such industries apart from comfort of occupants. We provide design of BMS systems for monitoring, controlling and keeping records of critical environmental parameters such as, temperature, pressure, airflow, humidity etc.


Process Engineering

We offer services in developing block flow diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams, P & ID diagrams based on client’s process requirements. Sizing of process equipment and their utility requirements, conceptualizing and designing process equipment layout along with material flow.


Instrumentation & automation

We offer services for conceptualization and design of total instrumentation system for the process plant. We design and make specifications for various instruments required. We design control logics required for the process, monitoring of parameters and finally integration of all instrumentation by connecting them to appropriate communication system. 


Fire & Safety System

We offer services in conceptualizing, design of fire alarm and Fire Fighting system as per the relevant international and local standards. Design of fire fighting systems like hydrant system, Sprinkler systems. Fire alarm system inclusive of smoke detectors, beam detectors , fire alarm panels, sounders and the interconnecting cables. 


Environmental Engineering

We offer services in designing systems for effluent treatment, west water treatment sewage treatment as per local environmental regulations.


We have all the requisite personnel, technology, knowledge and expertise to successfully complete projects in the below mentioned fields.

Our experienced staff has been involved in various projects in following fields: